Voyager Tennis Academy at Sydney Olympic Park offers the best elite tennis and academic program in Australia. Our unique tennis school enables players to balance high-performance training with a great education.


Almost every elite tennis player at some point will experience great difficulty in trying to balance school, daily tennis, commuting, family time and homework as it takes a huge time commitment to succeed both academically and in in tennis.

In order to achieve expertise in any field, a child will need both volume and quality of training throughout their formative years (famously referred to as '10,000 hours' of purposeful practice).

That's why Voyager Tennis Academy and the McDonald College have come together to make balance a reality as students now receive a first class school education and a world-class tennis program with kids home by 5:30pm every day!


The McDonald College (TMC) specialise in providing a first class academic program that dovetails with a high performance pursuit program.
It is conveniently located on North Strathfield Railway line and is less than 3 kms from Sydney Olympic Park where students train with in Voyager Tennis Academy. 

The Mcdonald College has a student population of 270 from year 3 to year 12. It is co-educational and non-denominational. The College’s aim is to kindle a deep love of performance whilst fostering academic rigour and wider love of learning. The school day is structured so that students can dedicate 2.5 -3 hours of tennis training each day.

There are 3 timetables offered:
• Years 5 & 6
• Years 7, 8 & 9 
• Years 10, 11 & 12
The aim of the Partnership is for students to successfully graduate from Year 12 with an academic result worthy of a U.S. or Australian College/University Scholarship. 

TMC prides itself on providing flexible options for students recognizing their many performance demands whilst completing their secondary schooling to the highest individual level.

TMC recognises that students working at an elite performance level will require understanding and support to attend tournaments and be personally organized/disciplined enabling them to complete all academic requirements concurrently.

For more information, visit The McDonald College website.


Voyager Tennis Academy is fast becoming internationally recognised as the premier tennis development program in Australasia. 

Our unique program has received a number of awards including 2017 NSW Best Tennis School, Newcombe Medal for Coaching Excellence in Talent Development and Tennis Australia Platinum Development Status, awarded to only a handful of tennis schools in the country.

Our world-class coaching team is led by Luke Bourgeois, a former touring professional and one of Australia's leading high-performance coaches. Luke received the 2017 Newcombe Medal for Coaching Excellence in Talent Development. The female coaching program is led by former touring professional Jessica Engels. Our coaches have all played top level junior tennis, been coached by some of the most experienced international coaches and many have competed on the professional tour or played Division 1 U.S. College Tennis. They include Andrew Thomas, Ryan Henry, Adam Feeney and Rafael Barrozi.

We have had amazing results ranging from State and National Championship Titles to winning Main Draw matches at Grand Slam level. We currently have over 40 students on scholarships at U.S. Colleges. These scholarships are valued up to $500,000. Take a look at our Players & Results Page for more information.

There are many benefits to our training environment:
- A competitive peer group pushes players to their limits. Our students include National Champions, top ranked Australian juniors, and Internationals 
- Coaching from some of Australia's best high-performance coaches, many who have ex-tour professional experience and have coached some of the best juniors in the world
- A holistic approach to coaching, developed around the '4 key Cals' Techni-cal, Tacti-cal, Psychologi-cal, and Physi-cal
- Learn and implement various tactical strategies throughout each session to enhance tournament performances
- Increased physical fitness through the intense training environment
- Increased mental toughness and strategies to use during competition   


We believe that in order for players to become successful, they need to have a program that looks after all of their on and off court needs. Voyager’s elite tennis program provides the complete package and most importantly, it enables the sufficient number of training hours required of elite athletes.

On-court squad training sessions
Voyager McDonald College players have the opportunity to train 5 days a week from Monday to Friday across 4 school terms per year. Our top coaches deliver high intensity training covering the 4 CALS through 15 on court practice sessions each week. Group coaching covers tactical, technical, physical and psychological components. In addition, players practice themed and competitive match play based on key learnings from the week.

In addition to ongoing feedback throughout the training program, Voyager Tennis provides a mentoring session to each player once per term to reflect on progress and set goals. Some examples of the areas benchmarked and tested include:
- Ball Striking: Serve, return, groundstrokes, volley and smash analysis
- Physical conditioning: Endurance, speed, agility, strength testing
- Flexibility: Key stretch distances achieved
- Quality of footwork: Coach analysis
- Mental toughness: Match statistics, peer and coach analysis
- Game ownership: Hours of self-organised practice per week, rate of improvement
- Tactical awareness: Match statistics and written assignments
- Tournament Performance: Australian ranking for birth year

The review also covers a summary analysis of all progress and identification of areas of development across each of the 4 Cals.

Physical training
Students are coached through multiple on-site gym sessions and fitness sessions every week through a leading sport and high-performance sports physiotherapy service. Players develop athletic characteristics such as speed, agility, endurance, core stability, strength, power, balance, flexibility and posture, whilst reducing the chance of short and long term repetitive injuries. 

Physical screening x1
Provides players with access to the same level of practitioners and high performance training equipment that an elite athlete would have in preparing for their sport or the next Olympics.

UTR tournament events x6 per year
To support a high volume of level based match-play for rapid player development. View current tournaments and upcoming match-play opportunities.

Tournament mentoring
Provided during the school holidays to provide some valuable support to players such as professional warm up routines; Pre match tactical discussions with coaches; Match analysis and post-match debrief.

Yearly Planning Service
Assessing a range of components for player success, such as personalised tournament scheduling and match-play; a weekly training plan balancing squad training and private coaching amongst other areas. 

Integrated Sports Psychology Program
x12 sports psychology sessions per year to provide players with tools and strategies to take advantage of their physical, technical, and tactical skills in practice and matches. Also provided are x4 tennis parenting workshops, to empower parents to nurture healthy psychological development.

Nutrition Program
Including guidance and x1 nutrition workshop.

U.S. College Guidance (for Year 9 students and above) for those interested in the U.S. College pathway to professional tennis, in partnership with Australia’s leading College placement service.

This comprehensive program has been designed by Voyager's experienced team to meet the needs of aspiring players, through a holistic approach to player development, with support from our partners


The majority of The Mcdonald College students are aiming to achieve a College Tennis scholarship in the United States. 

At present, there are many Voyager Graduates currently on U.S. Tennis Scholarships at some of the best universities in the world. Scholarships can be worth up to $500,000.00 over a 4 year period and to achieve this, U.S College coaches are looking for students to have have a very high tennis standard by year 12.
Many students are currently utilising The Voyager McDonald College program as a way to fast track their tennis to give them the best possible chance of a U.S. College Tennis scholarship.

Another bonus of the program is that we run weekly Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) tournament match play that College coaches use to recruit Australian players. 
For more information about U.S. College Tennis visit our U.S. College Page.


For students who attend other schools, there is still an opportunity to get involved in the McDonald College tennis program which runs in line with NSW school term dates.
Many of Sydney's private schools break up 1 week earlier than our academy program finishing date, which provides a great training opportunity during that week.
It's quite common for students attending public and other schools that run in line with the academy program, to attend an Elite holiday camp for a day or 2 during the last week of the term as well.
For more information about the performance holiday camps including dates, please contact

School holiday tournament mentoring
The Voyager Academy encourages all players to use the school holiday period as a time to test their progress and compete in the numerous tournaments on offer. 
Our Tournament Mentoring Service is where our Voyager Coaching team travels to tournaments to provide valuable mentoring to our players.


For McDonald Students who don't live in Sydney there are a number of accommodation options to consider: 

1. Home-stay is the most popular option for our athletes, as it helps to encourage a normal family environment and gives players a further support group outside of training.
2. Staying with another McDonald College student's familiy who lives in Sydney. This is also a great option for students who live interstate or overseas.
3. For short term stays while you are in Sydney, click here to view the accommodation options near the tennis centre.

For further information on accommodation options please contact 


The McDonald College Program currently has a number of students from various countries including Japan, China, India, United States, Singapore and more. 
For more information for players coming from overseas visit our Internationals Page.


The steps to enrol in the Voyager Tennis and McDonald College program are as follows:

Step 1:   Contact or 04 0561 2561
Step 2:   Book in for a trial day where players can experience a full day in the program combining the academics and tennis
Step 3:   Arrange your course attendance dates. Enrol with Voyager Tennis and with The McDonald College
Step 4:   Pay course fees prior to commencement of program
Step 5:   Complete and sign all forms

Playing level and attitude criteria
Please note that there are no guarantees of a player being accepted into the program. This is an elite program with many of Australia's best junior and senior players and we only accept players who are the right fit for the academy and the School.

Program Dates
All Voyager tennis programs run in line with the NSW School term dates. 

Course Fees
Fees will be provided on application (N.B. All international transfers and Agent Fees are additional)

For more information please contact us at, 04 0561 2561 or visit our Contact Us page.

tennis class at Voyager Tennis Academy



The Voyager - McDonald College Program has helped advance Jemima’s technique and tactical play significantly over the past 18 months. Her game is almost unrecognisable to when we started and she is now one of the best players in Australia for her age group.

She looks forward to school everyday and loves tennis & academics, so finding the right balance at The McDonald College has been great for our family. She's happy, successful, trying new things and has some wonderful friends.”

'Lisa Williams, mother of Jemima Williams who is currently top 5 in Australia for her age group.