At Voyager we believe in tennis as a powerful life-enhancing voyage that helps an individual become the best person they can be.

Our purpose at Voyager is to impart our love and our “Way” for the game of tennis, inspiring and coaching our students to become the best tennis players and people they can be. Our ambition is to give children the best possible tennis development, education and life-skills that will help them succeed in whatever they decide to do in life.

Elite Program Mission

The Voyager Tennis Full Time Elite Program at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre provides an outstanding ‘Accelerated Learning Experience’ designed to help players achieve a US College Scholarship – or a place on the tour. Click here for video.

Elite Program Venue


The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is the home of tennis in New South Wales and plays host to the world-renowned Sydney Tennis International.

The centre offers a wide range of activities and facilities - to meet the needs of all tennis athletes.

The venue boasts 16 international Plexicushion championship courts; 2 clay courts; and the Ken Rosewall Arena that hosts 10,500 people.

Our students have access to the onsite gymnasium and other valuable resources available in the Sydney Olympic Park such as the Aquatic Centre, State Sports Centre and Athletic Track.

Elite Program Overview

Our Full Time Elite players have the opportunity to train 5 days a week, Monday to Friday – across 4 terms per year.

Each term is built upon a round of testing and bench marking at the start to determine both fitness levels and play levels. We then focus on delivering the building blocks of improvement (footwork, shape and weight of shot, transition, serve & return and fitness) to ensure an accelerated rate of development.

Each term is structured with the following building blocks within our tennis schedule:

  • Testing – Bench marking and tracking all areas of our athlete’s physical & technical development
  • Group Coaching – covers technical, tactical and mental components
  • Match play (themed and competitive). Themed match play is designed to emphasize weekly themes while competitive match play is designed to see if student can apply what has been learnt during the week in a competitive situation.
  • Fitness (gym and outside work – field etc). Our strength and condition is completed two times per week lead by the professionals at Optimum Performance and outdoors two times per week
  • Recovery ( Injury Prevention)– trigger point, foam roller etc.
  • Tournament support – touring coaches sent to key tournaments. It's one of our major strengths as team given our Head Coaches touring experience. Knowing how to prepare for your match (physical nutrition, strategy etc) is key. Our coaches offer advice and give post match analysis which is essential in player’s development.
  • Player Development- off court lectures on strategy and mental component. We believe our players can improve off the court as well as on, we often use these in the case of wet weather
  • Tournament scheduling – key component of our program as this will determine program content and planning. Each player has a periodized and personalized tournament schedule.  

On-site Gym Sessions

Students are coached through 2 on-site gym sessions every week. It is an evidence-based strength and conditioning program supervised by 'University Qualified Exercise Physiologist’s' with a strong emphasis on long term athletic development; postural correction; injury prevention; and improving strength, speed, agility and power.

End of Term Report – 'Player Review'

At the end of each term students are provided with a review meeting to go over their benchmarks taken at the beginning and end of the course – and to reflect on their progress. The review also covers a summary analysis of all the individual time delivered – with suggested areas of game development and improvement.


Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is one of Australia’s lead venues for tournaments. Each year there are:

  • 20 Junior Tour Tournaments – 12U, 14U and 16U
  • 7 Australian Money Tournaments (AMT’s)
    4 ITF Futures Events – 2 Women’s / 2 Men’s
    1 Men’s Challenger
    1 Tour Event - ATP/WTA Sydney International

Enrollment Process

Step 1:   Contact Olympicpark@voyagertennis.com

Step 2:   Arrange an on court evaluation which will take place to determine your playing standard and group allocation

Step 3:   Arrange your course attendance dates

Step 4:   Pay course fees prior to commencement of program

Step 5:   Complete and sign all forms

International Players

The Voyager Tennis Full Time Program has many players visiting from various countries – including great players from Canada, France, Japan, China, India – as well as Australian tour professionals who join in when they are back home in Sydney between tournaments. International players are very welcome – and always bring something special to the program.

Dates & Fees

Term Dates run throughout the N.S.W Public School. For information on term fees please contact luke@voyagertennis.com.

N.B. All international transfers and agent fees are additional to standard term fees.

tennis match at Voyager Tennis Academy

    “The Hotshots program run by Voyager Tennis has given my kids Ollie and Asten a great amount of enjoyment with their tennis. I can see their self-confidence growing all the time as they continue to improve. Most importantly, both boys has a huge amount of fun.”
    -Nat Feeney (Parent of 2 children in the Hotshots program)