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At what age can my child join the VTA program?
Our program has students as young at 10 years of age. With our Academic program in conjunction with the McDonald College starts in Year 5 (approx. 10-11 years of age) with the training hours closely mirroring the ITF training guidelines for age. This is broken up into 3 main training groups with Years 5 & 6, Years 7 – 9 & Years 10 – 12. Along with our College/ProTour program

Can I enroll after the term has started?
Yes. We can be accommodating if we have the capacity.

How do I enroll?
Where possible best to visit us for a free trial. All students must provide evidence that playing level and attitude and work ethic meets our standards.

How do I provide appropriate evidence to see if my child is suited?
Video clips, Results, Referral letters, Rankings – ITF, AR, ATP/WTA etc. For video, please ensure angle is from the back of court where rally speed, consistency & movement can be assessed. Ideally match play is preferred. 

What are my options for accommodation?
For student athletes who live interstate or outside of Australia there are a number of accommodation options to choose from.
1. For long term students, home-stays are a popular option, as it encourages a normal family environment and gives players a support group outside of the training program.
2. Living with the family of a McDonald College student who lives in Sydney can also be great option. Please contact us for more information.
3. For short term accommodation options near the Sydney Olympic Park venue click HERE.

What will my child’s daily training schedule look like?
Our program and designed and delivered to be age and level appropriate which can be emailed through on request. If you have already required via email you will have already received this as an attachment.

Will my child be challenged with their playing level?
The Voyager Tennis Academy has one of the strongest training environments with many of Australia’s best junior and senior players. We firmly believe we have an extremely challenging environment which is first and foremost program driven. Our program is focused on the development of our fundamental 4 Cals - Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical components.

With tennis being an extremely competitive game, we strive to have the most competitive environment where each players grouping is determined by their ability rather than age, gender or opinion. Our open training environment allows this to happen through day to day competition and our U.T.R match play ladder challenge system.   


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Kid playing tennis at Voyager Tennis Academy