At Voyager Tennis Academy we offer a pathway of development for beginners right the way through elite players who are competing at the highest level in Australia and helping them secure a tennis scholarship to a U.S. College

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From a tennis perspective we aim to equip our students with in-depth knowledge and expertise of the “Voyager Way”. We will provide our students with a holistic approach to their development. It will revolve around the “4-Cals": Techni-cal, Psychologi-cal, Physi-cal and Tacti-cal skills and attributes to help them succeed at any level within tennis. Whether that be to enjoy a family hit, tournament readiness, a U.S. College scholarship or as a Professional on the Tour.
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From an education perspective, our aim is to deliver a tennis program that is complementary to our students achieving their academic potential whist in High School and also giving them a pathway to College education that is facilitated by tennis.

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From a life-skills perspective our mission is to give our students the life-skills to deal with life ‘after’ tennis and excel in whatever that is. Life skills such as passion, persistence, self-discipline towards goals, health (fitness and nutrition), time management, self confidence, respect (self, others and opponents), learning to lose graciously, be humble in winning, controlling thoughts and emotions and being optimistic and positive.

Our Development Pathway

There are 4 stages within the Development Pathway that we offer:

STAGE 1: Development is our largest base of students who are working through the fundamentals of tennis within our Tennis Hot Shots and Holiday Camp programs.

STAGE 2: Selective is our program where Primary School aged students are identified as having shown strong progress with serving, rallying and competing and are invited to be part of Selective Squads.

STAGE 3: Performance Program is for our students who make tennis their main sport, play 3 times a week in our Performance Squads and are beginning to achieve good competition results.

STAGE 4: Elite is our full time program at Sydney Olympic Park with our McDonald College program students, nationally ranked juniors, touring professionals and International players.

Voyager Tennis has the largest full time elite program in Sydney with over 40 players training full time every day.


Accelerated Learning Method (The 4 Cals)

We believe that to be successful in tennis you have to be able to do much more than hit a good forehand, backhand or serve. To succeed, you need to be physically fit and understand the tactics of the game to be able to out-think your opponent and be mentally strong.

We provide our students with a holistic approach to their development. It is an approach that revolves around the “4-Cals”: Techni-cal, Psychologi-cal, Physi-cal and Tacti-cal skills and attributes.

To facilitate our Voyagers' progress as tennis players and to help them move up the pathway, we provide a structured feedback process around each of the 4-Cals. For each training block (term), clear objectives are set, progress is reviewed against these objectives and feedback is provided.


Our Coaching team has a focus on building strong fundamental technical skills across all aspects of the tennis game. The aim here is for players to develop sound technique so that they have the strokes to execute any desirable tactic needed to increase their chances of winning a match. 


Understanding your game, that of your opponent and how best to implement patterns of play that will give you your best opportunity of the game is a skill that is at the heart of the Voyager way. We provide numerous drills, approaches and thought processes that will help the tournament player optimise their match-play tactics.


The mental side of tennis is enormously important and there are libraries full of different approaches. At Voyager, we coach a number of simple techniques that we have developed over our playing and coaching careers that have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve focus. The other key focus at Voyager is building strong positive habits each training session that can be taken into match-play sessions.


The game of tennis is becoming more and more physical and demands tennis players to be flexible, agile, strong and fit. Voyager places strong emphasis on building ‘tennis athletes’ which is a key component of our squad programs. We have also seen first hand how injury can blight promising tennis careers and we provide advice and resources on stretching and strength routines to help prevent injuries. 

Tennis Instructor at Voyager Tennis Academy



Students build the personal qualities, strength of character and education requirements to be successful at whatever they choose to do in life. 


Students build quality athletic foundations that enable them to perform to their best and also complete the training volume required to become world class.



Students become world class tennis players able to achieve a standard that allows them to play at a U.S. College scholarship level or above.


Parents understand the power of their tennis parenting interactions and implement strategies that nurture happy and productive children on and off the court.



    “Tennis is a sport for life & when you are thinking of somebody to teach & coach your child in any sport there has to be an element of trust, care & passion for what they do. I find Voyager tennis to be this & more. Both my son & daughter thoroughly enjoy their tennis experience & the improvement in their game has dramatically increased under their guidance. The selective program in particular that my son attends has taught him many aspects of tennis, he trains hard but also develops skills such as fairness, honesty & to be gracious in defeat or winning. In addition Voyager Tennis provide our kids with the opportunity to compete in Hot Shot Tournaments. This broadens their game by playing against kids from all areas & ages in a competitive friendly environment.”
    -Andrew Van Hooven 
    Director, Babolat Australia and Parent of Voyager students Hayden and Evie Van Hooven.
Child playing tennis at Voyager Tennis Academy
Hayden Van Hooven