Performance Squads are designed for Nationally Ranked players who are pursuing a U.S. College Tennis Scholarship or pathway to the Professional Tour


The Performance program is for Nationally Ranked players only who are in school, playing a minimum of 3 times per week and competing in Australian ranking tournaments regularly.

Voyager’s Performance program provides the complete package covering all aspects of the game:

- On court squad/training sessions covering the 4 cals: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical. These squads are delivered by Voyager’s top coaches and provide a high intensity training environment designed for players to achieve peak performance in tournament play. 
- 4 x tennis parenting workshops per year to empower parents to nurture healthy psychological development.
- 12 x sports psychology sessions per year to provide players with tools and strategies to take advantage of their physical, technical, and tactical skills in practice and matches.
- 1 x yearly player planning session assessing a range of components for player success, such as scheduling tournament and match-play; a weekly training plan balancing squad training and private coaching amongst other areas.  
- 1 x physical screening, providing players with access to the same level of practitioners and high performance training equipment that an elite athlete would have in preparing for their sport or the next Olympics.
- 1 x Sports nutrition guide and 1 live workshop per year.
- U.S College Guidance (for Year 9 students and above) for those interested in the U.S College pathway to professional tennis.
- 2 x training/match shirts

This comprehensive program has been designed by Voyager's experienced team to meet the needs of aspiring players, through a holistic approach to player development.


There are many benefits to our on-court training environment:

- A competitive peer group pushes players to their limits. Our world-class training environment includes many of Australia's top ranked junior and senior players.
- Coaching from some of Australia's best High performance Coaches many who have ex-tour professional experience and have coached some of the best juniors in the world.
- Learn and implement various tactical strategies throughout each session to enhance tournament performances.
- Increased physical fitness through the intense training environment and injury prevention focus to support players to stay in the game for the long-term.
- Increased mental toughness and strategies to use during competition.


In order to gain acceptance into the Performance squads, every player must be:
- Nationally ranked or meet the minimum standard requirements for the particular squad they are interested in attending
- Be willing to work very hard in the intense training environment in every session
- Be positive throughout each session as any unsportsmanlike conduct such as throwing racquets, will not be tolerated
- A team player, listen to their coaches and respect their peers

As this is an environment where everyone is striving to be their best, any player not meeting the behavior standards of these squads will not be invited back.


For those who would like to pursue a U.S. College scholarship or a professional career, we would strongly recommend the Elite McDonald College Program as the next step.
The McDonald College Program is the pinnacle of all Voyager programs and provides all the aspects of training in order to be a world class player with an integrated Tennis and Academic program.
Read here for more information about the McDonald College Program.


Most players who are participating in our Performance squads are actively pursuing a U.S. College Tennis scholarship. 
Voyager Tennis has more than 40 program graduates who are currently in the United States on Tennis Scholarships and in the next couple of years we would expect that number to rise above 100 players. Read more about U.S. College Scholarships here.


For more information and details on how to book a trial for a Performance Squad at a location closest to you, click on a link below:

- Voyager Tennis Academy, North Manly
- Voyager Tennis Academy, Ryde
- Voyager Tennis Academy Hornsby

Kid playing tennis at Voyager Tennis Academy


My son Noah has been attending 2 or 3 squad sessions weekly with Voyager over the last couple of years. I can't remember a time when he has not come home with a huge tired smile on his face.  The Voyager performance squads create an intense but enjoyable training environment for the kids to develop their game and fitness so that they move quickly towards achieving their tennis goals.

George Wheen, father of Nationally Ranked Junior player Noah Wheen.
tennis match at Voyager Tennis Academy