The Voyager Tennis Academy program at Sydney Olympic Park is one of the most elite training environments on offer in Australia

Voyager Tennis Elite Training Program
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Voyager Tennis Academy’s award-winning tennis program at Sydney Olympic Park specialises in developing world-class players, providing a pathway to U.S. College tennis and the professional tour. Our students aged 10+ consist of National Champions, top ranked Australian juniors and International players. The program is delivered by some of Australia’s best coaches, many of who are former ATP and WTA Tour Professionals.

Like all major international tennis academies, our players train during the day, and we have established a special partnership with leading NSW private school, The McDonald College, enabling children to balance sufficient training hours required of elite athletes, with an excellent education. Our program is producing amazing results on and off the court.


Voyager’s elite program runs all year with training from Monday to Friday each week through the school-term, and tournament mentoring during the school holidays. Voyager provides a holistic approach to player development, covering all aspects of the game including:

- On-court Squad Training
- Physical Training and Screening
- 6 UTR tournament events per year
- Tournament mentoring in the school holidays
- Yearly Planning Service
- Integrated Sports Psychology Program
- Tennis Parenting Education
- Nutrition Program
- U.S College Guidance

Read more about our elite program components.

Our world-class coaching team have all played top level junior tennis, been coached by some of the most experienced international coaches and many have competed on the professional tour or played Division 1 U.S. College Tennis.

The team has a love for the game and their aim is to share that passion and impart their experiences as players, coaches and professionals to students so that they can become the best tennis players and people that they can be. Read more about our Voyager Academy coaching team.


Voyager develops students from recreational to elite players, through its comprehensive elite program at Sydney Olympic Park.

The majority of players in the program comprise full-time students from our combined tennis and academic program with The McDonald College. This approach has allowed our players to succeed both academically and in tennis. While we take enrolments from Year 5, we strongly urge parents to get in touch with us while their children are in the early years of primary school, so we can assist how best to prepare for the program.

The following groups also train as part of the program on a part-time basis:

1) Students who attend other schools in Sydney and get time off during the school week to come out and train part-time
2) Futures / Challengers players and touring professionals doing training blocks in between travel
3) College players who return home from the U.S. to train during their off season
4) International players (from Japan, India, China, US, Singapore and many other countries) who train for short and long periods
5) Regional and Interstate players who do training blocks at the Academy for 1 - 3 weeks at a time

All students entering the program must meet minimum playing standards and have the right attitude in order to be accepted into the program.


At Voyager we recognise the challenge of balancing the training requirements of an elite tennis player with that of getting a great education. To this end we have partnered with McDonald College who specialize in providing a first class academic program that dovetails with a high performance pursuit program.
For those who are interested in a full time integrated education & tennis program we have created The McDonald College Program. Distance education is also available for those who are top 10 in Australia for their birth year. Tennis Australia approves each athlete who applies for Distance Education and will only do so if the players meets the top 10 in birth year ranking criteria.

A number of students in the academy program who also attend other local schools nearby receive time off during school hours to join the training program.

We also have a number of students who are studying at Sydney Universities and are training part or full time.

For more information about these options please contact us.


The majority of tennis athletes are now pursuing U.S. College Tennis Scholarships which can be worth up to $500,000.00 over a 4 year period. As a result of this, we are running a weekly Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) tournament on Fridays each week. All results are sent back to the governing body for UTR tournaments where match scores are recorded and players rating are adjusted. College coaches are now using UTR rating system as the major tool for recruitment and every player interested in this pathway should focus on UTR events.
For more information visit our U.S. College Tennis Pathway Page.


Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is one of Australia’s leading venues for tournaments. Each year there are:
- 20 Junior Tour Tournaments – 12U, 14U and 16U
- 7 Australian Money Tournaments 
- 4 ITF Futures Events – 2 Womens / 2 Mens
- 1 Mens Challenger
- 1 Tour Event - ATP/WTA Sydney International

As we run our program from the same venue, building important tournaments into your program is very straightforward.


Step 1:   Contact or call 04 0561 2561
Step 2:   Arrange a free on court evaluation which will take place to determine your playing standard and group allocation
Step 3:   Arrange a visit and enrol with The McDonald College. Set your course attendance dates.
Step 4:   Pay course fees prior to commencement of program
Step 5:   Complete and sign all forms


For students who attend other schools outside of the Sydney Olympic Park area there is still an opportunity to get involved in the Voyager Tennis Academy program which runs in line with NSW school term dates. Many of Sydney's private schools break up one week prior to our academy program finishing date, which provides a fantastic training opportunity during this week.
It's also quite common for students attending public and other schools to attend a day or two during the last week of the term as well.
If you'd like to know more about our holiday training dates feel free to contact us.

*December 2018 Camp*

We are now taking bookings for our December 2018 camp. For further details please contact

School holiday tournament mentoring
We encourage all players to use the school holiday period as a time to compete in the numerous tournaments on offer and test their progress.
Our Tournament Mentoring Service involves our Voyager coaching team traveling to tournaments and providing valuable mentoring to the players.

The tournament mentoring involves:
- Professional warm up and cool down routines
- Pre match coaching on tactics and tips for maximising performance
- Coach match analysis
- Post match debrief from the coach


For Voyager Academy athletes who live outside of Sydney, there are a number of accommodation options to choose from.

1. A popular option for our players is Home-stay, as it helps to encourage a normal family environment and gives players a support group outside of the training program.
2. Living with another McDonald College student's family who lives in Sydney can also be great option for students who live interstate or overseas.
3. For short term accommodation options near the Sydney Olympic Park venue click HERE.


The Voyager Tennis Full Time Program has many great players visiting from various countries including Canada, France, Japan, China and India as well as Australian tour professionals who join in when they are back home in Sydney between professional tournaments. International players are very welcome and always bring something special to the program.
To read more about this visit our internationals page.


If you'd like to find out more information please contact us on 04 0561 2561, or visit our Contact Us page.

tennis class at Voyager Tennis Academy


The set up at Voyager and McDonald College is superb. It provides a good education with the flexibility to train everyday alongside good players and great coaches at the Olympic facility.
Voyager have helped me develop goals for each part of my game. They give me clear feedback on how I'm doing against those goals and we re-set them when I achieve them.

Ashley Lauweriks, McDonald College student and up and coming Nationally ranked junior player.