Balancing coaching with a high volume of match-play is one of the keys to tennis success. The more matches you play, the better match-player you become.


A high volume of match-play is perhaps the most critical aspect of a player's development. Every player needs a reasonable volume of matches to reach their potential. Below is a rough guide for players in our environment:

Primary school students: Should be playing the equivalent of 50+ best of 3 matches per year (the more the better)

High School Students: Should be playing the equivalent of 70+ best of 3 matches per year (the more the better)

There are a variety of match-play opportunities available to players including leagues, matches for your club/region, Univeral Tennis Rating (UTR) events, ranking tournaments and practice matches. 


Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) tournaments support level based match-play for rapid player development. 

For those who are pursuing a U.S. College Tennis Scholarship, the Colleges are now using the UTR to recruit players into their teams so a focus on developing a good UTR is also vitally important. You can obtain and check out your UTR at

At Voyager Tennis, we provide players with much needed match-play opportunities by running UTR tournaments at Voyager sites across Sydney.


Voyager uses a Flexi-Comp format for its UTR tournaments which has a number of benefits for players and parents. 

Benefits of the Flexi-Comp Format
- Play your matches at a time that suits you and your opponent
- Don't have to travel or give up your weekend to find quality match play opportunities
- Play a higher percentage of competitive matches than usual
- Every match counts towards a players Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)
- Low entry cost

How a Flexi-Comp Works
Players will compete using the following format:
1. A round robin format will be used and players grouped together based on their Universal Tennis Rating. 
2. Players in each group will be provided with the contact details of the other players in their group and will be responsible for organising their best of 3 set matches at a time and location that suits both players.

Each player will have approximately 2 weeks to organise the match against their opponent and send their result back to the competition organiser which will be recorded via the UTR and Voyager website.

By the end of the term, each player should have played approximately 4 matches. The winner of the group will move up, whilst the player who has the least amount of wins moves to a lower group for the coming term.


The 2018 Term 3 Voyager UTR Flexi-Comp is being played at Voyager's North Manly, Ryde and Pennant Hills sites.

View the Voyager UTR Comp Term 3 2018 player list.